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Select thickness package/envelope, if the package is less than or equal to 84 length + circumference or cubic, less than 1 foot (12 x 12 x 12 or 1 728 inch cubes). The first class is the least expensive. If your object weighs 13 grams or less, you can send first-class, cheaper package rate. The package must be at least 5 long, 3 1/2 high and thick 0.007. Generally, you will find these requirements if your voice in a Mailer material padded. Cheap! But note that first class online labels, or a delivery confirmation do not print. Go to the PO. It can be calculated at home and for the buyer, but still the correct postage. Use these modes of delivery, could the shipping charges to correct for each package accurately calculated, I sold almost 99%. Can not explain, why is it sometimes a few cents of what will be the buyer had charged actual shipping costs. But for more than a year, it was the line in the post that my office package and ready to jump in advance printed postage. And if I have the priority at least a pack, schedule a free shuttle service and pass the in. great, small, simple and complex, obtain the correct postage to each package. Don't worry, if you are not registered. So is this guide should help you when you need it! I have countless hours of operation, and when I gave him an apprentice of the fields in the window, while the staff smiling, because they know that everything is good, I have, and they know that I give a large number of them stored. Why? eBay! If your package and download and earn money! Leave your package of voice for you. Then find the weight, size and the size of the package and if the package is irregular. I'll discuss all these things. Forget everything you need to know! To obtain the total weight of the package, to find the right size for your article, it is an envelope or box. Be sure to avoid the infill around damage to the correct article. Add the package on its size and weight recorded. To obtain the total size of the package, you should measure all dimensions of your parcel and observe the belt. The extent in which consider the degree of a person's life; Already, it is not the distance around the thickest part of the package. By measuring the length + circumference a package is the same height + a person's life. Length + girth is, how to choose the size of the package. Find a box that corresponds to your article. Now package the item to make sure that there are plenty of padding on all sides (daily use for filling). They want to minimize the movement of the element in the penalty area and protect it from vibration. If you do not, you will receive free priority mail post office. Or around your place of work. Seal the box with packing tape. If not, you can buy a paper in. Scottish use, the name in the field placement, do not cover the bar codes. (1) you must use this form, to measure the not easy to sell. Find a buyer for shipment to give information and proceed as follows. The following general steps also apply to third-party tools list. (2) select and compile the package size and weight. Box dimensions determine the class of mail, which can be used and determine the cost of the quantity of the shipment included. eBay estimated the costs and fees for you, but you must select the correct packet format, to make it work. You don't know anything about the dimensional globe of prices or rates, unless there is. eBay calculates all things complicated for buyers automatically generates information package. If you want to print labels, you must also tape and scissors if you use regular paper, which is perfectly fine. Priority and express can be elements up to 70 pounds and 108 length + circumference is used. Air mail costs more than parcels but less than espresso. Priority will be delivered usually in 2-3 days. Express will be delivered usually within one business day. Priority and express are free with the shipping confirmation. When using priority or Express mail by the USPS, not need for measures, because the boxes are not the volume weight. If the sold request form, simply insert x 12 12 X 12, but nothing more. Is your unusual or irregular package? The USPS for packets that feels fresh because strange, need to know if your package is irregular. Packing irregularly, if one of the following items in your package. Your local newspaper has an endless supply of free coverage for you. Only emits a lot of cards recycled or old and say thanks! Loose dying leaves fill your Inbox and protect your article. ,,.