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Night terrors, also known as sleep terrors occur most frequently in children, who tend to be teenagers, said Honaker. He also stated that they are not the same as nightmares. If a child has a sleep terror, sleep and what usually happens is that they seem to be very angry, heartbroken, wines, said shouting and also seems to recognize the father if the father with them contact Honaker.Il sleep terror may continue from 2 minutes 20 minutes or more and can be very afraid to Elternsagte, but parents should be sure, sleep terror, not all children are dangerous.Asleep, then can't sleep, and we see the next day, no tiredness, sit said. There usually is memory, and is a feature with a sleep terror. Honaker, said that anywhere from 1 to 6 percent of the children in terror, a dream, the typical manifestation of age between 4 and 12 years of experience. For parents, the best is what to do with the child in fact awake can aggravate the incident because it keeps the child as a parent, she says. Syndrome head explosive as other instances of sleep as sleepwalking and sleep talking much more rare is Gehrman, said. According to the descriptions is this bizarro experiment that you feel that your head by a loud noise in the head explodes Gehrman said. He however pointed out that it is not dangerous. He represented the American Association of sleep:. As a bomb explodes, it sees a gun, a clash of cymbals or any other form of opaque noise that seems to come from the head.Gehrman said there is little research on the phenomenon, but it seems a very extreme variant of h ' primary hypnic jerks - earthquake than this rare leg that occurs when you're asleep first.American sleep Association reported that people older than 50 and women tend to experience phenomena, and combined with high stress and fatigue. Instead remind us how difficult that is to compensate for the lack of sleep. If you went to bed late during five nights in a row, he said. This disorder, also known as enuresis is defined a child as the involuntary leakage of urine, the larger than the age of 5 or 6 (or during the day and the night) is the pH of the Adam medical encyclopedia, Sarah.d. Sleep Morsbach Honaker, pediatric psychologist at the University of Louisville, told HuffPost that this disease very frequently in children and more children grow and Invecchianopiu measures even without Eingriff.Honaker, said a possible cause of this disease delay maturation, which means that the body of a child still not matured, bladder control during the night to ensure.It has a 2 years ashore during the night don't expect Honaker HuffPost, it said. This function matures later than others for some children. In addition, some children said only low arousal threshold that can mean it takes since awakening from his dream, when the bladder is full, it. Because bed-wetting are exceeded, there is a tendency in some cases who choose health workers do not handle, Honaker. But it was research which can have impact on self-esteem and social consequences. This suggests that the children's surgery, his life are strongly affected by wetting bed alarm that moisture and turn off recognized as nocturnal enuresis, while the child wakes up to go to the bathroom. If you are driving a vehicle never sleep or wake up Go ahead start sleep but could not were to move a part of your body - stimulating a sense, which are fixed on your bed can be that you have experienced sleep paralysis. Sleep paralysis is more common in seconds or minutes, if we should say especially in the morning or middle Gehrman waking up during the night. If we are in REM sleep, our muscles are paralyzed to realize our dreams. But with the sleep paralysis, you wake up before others, to give a feeling of excitement and alert but still the body's muscles are paralyzed, Gehrman explains a part of the brain. Sleep paralysis however is not dangerous, but the unsettling feeling of being with people undergoing through it, according to Stanford University. Stress reducing, reduction, enough hours of sleep with the number of episodes of sleep paralysis and be sure that a sleep schedule could well help me. If it is your own. The researchers believe that the bread helps to clear the brain compound ATP sleeping pills and coffee gives you enough time to start 3 inches. I use not abuse as most of us know from experience, 10-20 minutes hit sweet spot. Kushida explains that nothing in deep REM sleep phases can--if we wake up with a bad case of sleep, the clinic for the stunned term inertia, where-am - I? the feeling that makes us be still much worse than we did until we close our eyes. Unfortunately, Kushida added that they are more tired, get the fastest in REM sleep (of many sleepless nights) could limit the NAP just 10 minutes from the sweet. 4 write an early where staying just an eye BedtimeOn of these nights, Kushida is allowing us, an hour or so before bed. Yes, a constant sleep is important to feel well rested but Kushida said once the alarm consistency is just as important. So go early, if necessary, but I don't think that the touch of button Snooze. Your doctor for medical advice and treatment before the start of each Programm.Wir as a reminder, always questions, stay connected! Discover at HuffPost. In the foreground of the dream of the behavior disorder of REM sleep paralysis occurs when the brain during REM sleep, but the muscles Act on your dreams, explains Gehrman. WebMD explains the signs of problems: making sleep behaviors include talking, crying, punch, kick, sit, jump out of the bed, shaking and arm grabbed. An acute form can occur when the withdrawal of drugs alcohol or sedative hypnotic.Sleep disorders clinical journal sleep Stanford Tracy Kuo, Ph.d., health specialist said that it could be potentially violent disorder, especially if the person that hit or beaten by itself or partner during your sleep. Without treatment, tends to daily weather, said health to deteriorate. However, there are medications that can take a person to relax muscles, when they sleep, so they don't have any muscle activity when they are in REM phase, every day people help health reports. REM sleep behavior disorder was associated with also the neurodegenerative diseases as Parkinson's disease and multiple system atrophy and seems a few years until these diseases occur, WebMD reported. It takes other five nights (and a few!), a little make to feel fully rested. But not a weekend. We need to wake up. Kushida suggested that a well-orchestrated NAP may be the best solution. Rest probably work, do the rest of the day, said Kushida. Studies have shown that mood, State of alert and performance improve a few minutes from the town, and a short NAP can compensate for the loss of an hour of sleep per night. However, the hair is an art. Here are some rules to make that repeat a success: 1 you try any NAP, after dark DarkNapping can trick the body clock to think that we are below, in the evening to get rid of sleepiness are difficult, when we wake up. (Yes, it is a hard and fast rule in winter especially for those in a place like Seattle, which held a come sunset 16:18)2. turn off your NAP attempt to drink your coffee after lunch, just until they have planned for a NAP. Studies conducted by researchers in the dream in England. By Corrie PikulJust a few minutes, you can buy for a couple of hours of supervision.Here we are again: rolled up and brain fog. We hear experts reviewed the dream admonished against always less than seven to eight hours overnight, but you know what? These experts is not all councils to deal with a baby that cries, noisy neighbors, a severely painful back or a demanding leader imposes impossible deadlines. The same occurs with sleepwalking, sleep paralysis and talking about the dream occurs when part of the brain is awake, but the rest is asleep, said Gehrman. With sleepwalking, sleep, for most people, but work on this basis common behaviors are type Gehrman, said. Basically the people and go to the bathroom or go to sleep in the kitchen and get something to eat, but that's all, in General very often. Because the boring dreams, what a person says or recitation is not contiguous, talk of non-REM sleep REM sleep, as the product is in not - soft, sleepwalking and sleep really can dream it, he said. Gehrman said, however, there is still no clear answer to why tell us, or imitate what we do, when we sleep or speak of sleepwalkers.Sleepwalking is not in itself dangerous, but if a child somnambulism, Honaker recommends parents safety precautions, windows, put the guards, etc. to block.Thus, children are accidentally injured sleepwalker. ,,.